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2019-06-12 - News

[This is where you can write your publication.] Source: https://www.my-soccer-clubhouse.com/greenfield-park ...

2019-05-31 - News

Match Plsq-f : FC Sélect vs As Blainville May 31st, 2019 08:53 For   its   5th   game   of   the   season   in   PLSQ-F ,  FC   Sélect   will   host   AS &...

2019-05-13 - News

  Source: https://bit.ly/30dDqbu ...

2019-04-21 - News

- See all pictures of the LSIRS finals   The ASGPK won 3 titles: GOLD: U18FAA SILVER: U12MA BRONZE: U14MAA   Source: ARSRS ...

2019-03-26 - News

Following the AGA held in February, the ASGPK elected our new officers. You'll find their names, functions and email Welcome to our new board members1 Source: FACEBOOK ...


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