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Carlos Rocha has been involved in soccer in Greenfield Park for over 30 years. He started as a player at 15 years old and is one of the founding members of what is known today the ASGPK. He coached the only  AAA team in club history (U15F AAA and U16F AAA) for 2 seasons. He also coached the U17F AA team (League Champions and playoffs Bronze medal). He accepted the position of Technical Director of the ASGPK in 2008.

Coaching Education Credentials: 

  • S1, S2, S3, S7
  • Theory A
  • Theory B
  • DEP (ESP)
  • Provincial B Licence
  • Played AAA with the Regional Selection, Les Patriotes de la Rive-Sud (known today as FC Select)
  • Played AAA for 2 seasons with St-Leonard/ Bourassa
  • Semi-Pro player at the age of 17 with Corfinium St-Leonard of the CSL (Canadian Soccer League)
  • Invited to a Camp of a National 2nd Division Club in Portugal
  • Played for GPK in Division 1 Senior Regional (AA)
  • Player/ Coach O35M Division 2 LSM to this day. 

Carlos continues to develop a technical structure within the Club catering to all players, both recreational and competitive.
Our technical team is comprised of experienced personnel, each having their own area of ​​expertise (goalkeeper, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11).


Recreational Program
The recreational program advocates the practice of soccer for pleasure, for physical and social
development, by practicing an organized sport. We want to offer the experience of being part of a team
and learning to play collectively in a positive and constructive environment for each player.


Competitive A-AA Program
The competitive program involves a greater commitment on the part of the player and the parents.
The objective is to enhance the development of the player, always in a constructive, fraternizing and
educational atmosphere. We strive not only to develop the player to his or her maximum capacity,
but we also try to prepare our players for life through the teaching of discipline, hard work and respect.


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